Laptop Backlight Replacement

If your laptop is exhibiting one of the following ‘symptoms’.

Laptop screen is dark with very faint images and text. Hissing noise from the screen. Red, Pink or orange ‘tint’ to the lcd screen. Then the most likely cause is the CCFL tube ‘backlight’ or the AC/DC ‘Inverter’ board that powers the lcd will need repair/replacement.

You will need to send your laptop to us, or take advantage of our laptop repair pickup/delivery service.

If you wish to take up this offer, please ensure when sending your laptop that you take out adequate postal insurance, and that the unit is surrounded by approx. 2 inches of foam/space within the packing. For this service we only need the laptop itself, you do not need to send the power supply or any system disks.

For full details and any questions about Laptop Backlight Replacement please use our Contact Page or call (305).303.9095


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