Laptop Data Recovery

Laptop hard disk drives work in the same way as Desktop hard disk drives. The only difference between the two is that parts used in laptop hard disk drives are significantly smaller in size. This size reduction of parts makes laptop drives fragile. These drives need experienced technicians in recovery situations as smaller part size makes data recovery more complex. The cost of recovery for laptop hard drives is same as desktop hard drive. Optimum Data Recovery provides Laptop Data Recovery service for all laptop hard disk drives. We work with all operating systems including Windows, DOS, MAC, Novell, UNIX, and Linux.

Laptop data recovery for physical damage
Mechanical failure, clicking noise
Electrical failure
Misalignment of Read/Write Heads
Damaged Read/Write Heads
Hard drives not being recognized by the BIOS
Drives with burned chips on the logic board
Drives with physical damage, such as being dropped, flooded etc.
Drive Platters with excessive bad sectors

Laptop data recovery for logical problems
Corrupted Partition Tables
Corrupted FATs
Corrupted MFTs
Deleted Files
Formatted Drives
Virus Attacks

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